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  • I want to have a command that opens a video in chrome on Windows 10, then makes it full screen and also starts playing it if there is an icon on the screen you need to press to start playing. Im sure this is possible - how would I structure that command?

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    @brad-Schmidt, would it be a youtube video? If not, can you send me an example URL to the video?

  • @russ Sorry I didn't see your reply. Here's an example of a video I'd like to open full screen and playing using triggercmd on Win 10. It's the first video on the page.

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    @brad-schmidt, I did some more research and I think I have way that's not terribly difficult.

    • Install nodejs if it's not already installed.
    • Create a folder like: c:\eaglecam
    • Download and unzip the version of the chrome webdriver for your version of Chrome into that folder.
    • Copy/paste the code below into a file called play.js in your folder.
    • Open a cmd prompt and type: cd \eaglecam
    • Run: npm install selenium-webdriver
    • Run: node play.js
    • If that works, open the TRIGGERcmd GUI and create a this command: c: & cd \eaglecam & node play.js
    const {Builder, By, Key, until} = require('selenium-webdriver');
    var driver = new Builder()
        .then(_ =>
    .then(_ =>

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