Logged into PC app with google account. App on android wont let me use google account. Stuck

  • My pc is stuck logged into my google account for triggercmd. I am unable to sign into my google account on the trigger cmd app because of an error. I'm ok with using my twitter account instead, but i cant figure out for the life of me how to sign out of the PC app. I really want this program to work. Thanks.

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    @twinturbogtr, I really need to redo that Android app because that Google login button doesn't work.

    I have a solution for you:

    • Log into your account at www.triggercmd.com
    • Open your Profile by clicking your name in the upper-right, then click Profile
    • Fill in the Password field.

    Now you can use your email address and that password to log into the Android app.

    OR, don't use the Android app. Instead, just use the browser on your phone, and bookmark this page:

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