Multiple Accounts on Google Home

  • Hi Russ,

    I've found TriggerCMD to be the best solution for running a home theatre pc from Google Home, as I've been able to write some console commands to control the old TV when it is triggered. It's been working well so far.

    My problem is that I have started setting up Google Home for multiple accounts (myself, my wife and son) which has required me to create an individual google account for each of us.

    The major linked accounts (eg Netflix, Youtube etc ) use the default unless otherwise specified, but unfortunately google and TCMD will only allow for one account to be linked at a time so my family can no longer control the TV on Google Home. If I try to link another account, the first is un-linked and can no longer use TCMD.

    I see three possibilities but you may be able to see more:

    1> Go back to 1 account on Home (and loose the multiple users)
    2> Allow more than one google account access to the same TCMD account (I can understand you not liking this as it could be misused). This could be aliases or shared.
    3> Allow the default google account on Google Home to share the same TCMD linked account (I don't even know if this is configurable except that it is done with the music services)

    Any suggestions?

    Many thanks for a useful app,

  • @richo3192, that's interesting. Thanks for telling me about this problem. I haven't even tried Google Home's multiple accounts feature. I will have to work on this and get back to you. I hope I can find a good solution. I'm open to allowing #2 or #3 if I can make it work.

  • Thanks for the prompt response. My preference would be for #3 as then any new users would then just share the first persons account, however I'm not sure how configurable the linked accounts are.

    #2 would require a setup for each user.


  • @richo3192, I did some research. It looks like the music services are special, but normal Google Assistant Actions like Harmony and TRIGGERcmd suffer from this problem.

    I suppose it does allow one scenario that some people might like - each person in your house could have their own TRIGGERcmd account, and trigger things on their own computers. I know that's not what you're interested in, but I suppose someone might be.

    For now at least, I recommend #1. Sorry.

    These are the main pages I read:

  • Thanks for that Russ,

    I suspect that means I will need to play around with IFTTT->TCMD commands to see if I can solve it, although this starts to make the setup quite complex. I like TCMD for its simplicity which is why I subscribed. :)

    The only other possible solution within your control would probably be alias accounts on TCMD as both Google Home users and the TCMD PC client are linked with an individual account.


  • Russ
    Just wondering if you have had and your team has had an opportunity to look at multiple users one TCMD account? I’m finding it painful to have my wife and run 2 TCMD accounts and two separate PCs, but now with my 2 sons also using my Google Home, I’ll need 4 computers….. Not very practical.
    Even if something can be done to share the token…..


  • @ralf003, it helps that you asked. I prioritize features that I get multiple requests for.

    This feature isn't easy, but I think it's doable.

  • I guess this is the same issue I'm dealing with. Not sure why google home can recognize different voices but won't run each others triggercmd. Thought I could just use my URL for a command call with IFTTT but that didn't work. Her google account, her IFTTT acount with my TCMD bookmarked URL but still no go! Just trying to find a work arround

  • @mike-cornelison, that should work fine - her Google account, her IFTTT account, with your TCMD token.

    Are you using this method at IFTTT?

  • @russ
    I must have something wrong. Ill check again.

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