Parameters via google/smart things

  • Is there a way to accept a parameter using google/smart things? I'm setting up the mono amp software and would love to be able to tell it to set an zone to a certain input. "Set the kitchen speakers to PC audio"

  • @clconner09, the only parameters SmartThings will send is on or off as you flip the virtual switch on or off.

    If you want to use your voice via Google Assistant, you can send a parameter with this sentence format:

    • Hey Google, ask TRIGGERcmd to run kitchen speakers with parameter PC audio.

    You could then have a batch file called kitchenspeakers.bat with contents like this:

    if "%1"=="pc audio" curl "http://localhost:50233/api/Value?Channel=0&Property=CH&value=1"
    if "%1"=="stereo" curl "http://localhost:50233/api/Value?Channel=0&Property=CH&value=2"
    if "%1"=="tv" curl "http://localhost:50233/api/Value?Channel=0&Property=CH&value=3"

  • Brilliant! Just earned my subscription. Keep up the good work brother.

  • @clconner09, awesome, thank you!

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