How can I avoid saying "TRIGGER C M D"?

  • Is using IFTT the way around that?

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    @kent-scherler, there are a few ways:

    • Use the "TRIGGER Command" skill instead of the TRIGGERcmd skill.
    • Use a Google Assistant shortcut like my "open sesame" example for opening my garage.
    • Use SmartThings with an Alexa "routine"
    • Use SmartThings and say, "turn on X" (where X is your virtual switch for your command).
    • Use IFTTT like you said.

    My favorite method is a Google Assistant shortcut.

    Stringify has an Alexa skill and Google Assistant action too but I haven't tried them.

  • @russ said in How can I avoid saying "TRIGGER C M D"?:

    Use SmartThings and say, "turn on X" (where X is your virtual switch for your command). <-----This is the method I prefer.

  • I just installed this tonight (just got Alexa too;). After making my computer the default and figuring out I needed to say "run" in order for it to realize I had default it is getting to be pretty convenient. However, having to say "Trigger Command" is slowing me down a little bit. I tried the advice above to get around it but both skills seem to require it. Did I misunderstand your statement that one of the skills doesn't need the command part?

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    @danielfruth, both skills work the same way, so if you use one of the two Alexa skills - TRIGGERcmd or TRIGGER command, then you'll have to say one of these:

    • Alexa, ask TRIGGERcmd to run X
    • Alexa, ask TRIGGER command to run X

    If you use IFTTT, it's a more complicated setup, but you get to say something like this:

    • Alexa, trigger X

    I told kent-scherler he could use the TRIGGER command skill because it does avoid saying TRIGGER C M D.

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