Can not install Triggercmd on Rasbian Raspberry Pi

  • I have had some success.

    I am up to the step to enter my token. Where do I get that?

    Thanks, Rex

  • @rexabbot that's great. You're almost there. You can get the token from the Instructions page after you log in at

  • I have logged in.

    Where do I find the token please.


  • Ok sorry but I am slowly getting it.

    Found the token.

    I still dont know how to copy and paste to putty from the web browser.


  • Control Shift V work in the terminal but not putty.

    I am now conntect.

    Thanks, Rex

  • I am not seeing my tray icon.

    What should I do to get that to show?

    Thanks, Rex

  • @rexabbot. the tray icon is only part of the GUI (graphical user interface) versions of the agent. The Raspberry Pi version does not include a GUI. You have to edit your ~/.TRIGGERcmdData/commands.json file with vi or pico like this:

    pico ~/.TRIGGERcmdData/commands.json 

    The Raspberry Pi version would generally only run background commands via the daemon that you install with this command:


    What commands are you planning to run on your Pi via TRIGGERcmd? I use mine to open my garage doors and wake up my PC remotely. Let me know if you have any other cool ideas.

    BTW, to copy text from a Putty window, you just have to select it with your mouse. It automatically copies it so you can paste it.

  • Thanks again for the help!

    I am using Triggercmd to control my x10 lamp modules and light switches. I have quite a few left over.

    I am now using some wemo plugs.

    Home automation is addictive, so I am sure I will do a lot more later after I get a more stable environment with what I have so far.

    It is fun!


  • Can the GUI form of Triggercmd be on installed on Raspberry Pi 3?


  • @rexabbot, no, but if you want to run foreground commands that launch GUI application like a browser, you can open a terminal window within X-Windows, and run triggercmdagent. That will run the agent in foreground mode.

    Unfortunately you won't be able to use the GUI editor though, so you'll have to edit the commands.json file manually with vi or pico.

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