Aplication not running

  • I've seen videos about how to turno off and control my PC using this program. Ive firts downloaded it and launched my PC key on it, but it didnt work for some reason, so i decided to unstall the program and start by the ground.
    My surprise has come when I couldnt launch my PC key againg be cause the program dosent open the tab for inset it. I had already tried by the down-right aplication with de right button but I can only see the comands. I thought it maybe could be already saved, so I opened the site to view my devices and my computer was not on the list. I tried run it as ADM, anbd also unstall and download many times but it does not run, only loanding and once loading is over, nothing happpens. If anyone could help me I wold be reallly thankfull cause I cant wait to sut down and open apps by alexa!

  • @Cesar-Manente, to start over from scratch, do this:

    1. Delete your computer in your account if it exists.
    2. Delete your .TRIGGERcmdData folder in your C:\Users\(username) folder.
    3. Close and open the TRIGGERcmd Agent software.
    4. Enter your token from the Instructions page (it should reprompt for the token because you've deleted your .TRIGGERcmdData folder).

    If you have commands you want to save, then take a backup of your C:\Users\(username)\.TRIGGERcmdData\commands.json file and restore it after you've re-setup your agent.

  • @Russ It worked! thank you so much!!!

  • @Cesar-Manente, awesome. You're welcome.

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