Trigger a uipath robot

  • Hello, im quite new and exploring the possibility of executing a command from command prompt using triggercmd. Basically my objective is to be able to run an application uipath that will be triggered using a command line....please refer to this documentation

    I was wondering if i can do the same yung trigger cmd? my goal is to run triggercmd from power automate to execute the application of uipath robot.

  • @clarkzara, you definately could do that. Please tell me what you've tried.

    It looks like you could create a command with this format:

    UiRobot.exe execute [--process <Package_ID> | --file <File_Path>] [--folder <Orchestrator_Folder_ID>] [--input <Input_Parameters>]

    You might need to specify the full path to the UiRobot.exe file though. Like if it's in your c:\tools folder, you'd make your command: c:\tools\UiRobot.exe execute ....

  • Hello russ, i was able to make it work by creating a batch file, then trigger the execution of the batch via triggercmd. Initially tried to type it directly from the command but i can't make it work. I will try again later.

    Btw, another clarification, though i was able to add my local computer, i tried to install triggercmd in our virtual machine(on-premise), i can't seem to login using the token to add the VM as another computer. Is there a specific requirement whenever it is installed in a vm enviroment? Since the VM is using proxy to connect to the internet, would that prevent trigger from logging in?

  • @clarkzara, I'm glad you got it working.

    There's no problem installing the agent on a VM - I've done it many times.

    Connecting through a proxy is a problem though. I've tried to add support for a proxy server, but so far I haven't had much luck.

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