No-GUI TRIGGERcmd agent that works on 32bit Windows

  • Hi Russ, does this 32-bit support parameter as in the GUI 64-bit?

  • @tim-tran, yes. It has the same functionality. Just add "allowParams": "true" to commands.json entry.

      "trigger": "Logger",
      "command": "d:\\tools\\logger.bat",
      "ground": "foreground",
      "voice": "",
      "allowParams": "true"

  • I was banging my head on my desk trying to install TriggerCMD on my compute-stick until I found this. It's tiny but hosts my remote support software but it is x86 so....

    Couple of hiccoughs:

    1. How do I register this computer under my account? Half the reason I want to install it on this computer is to try to get WOL working on my main PC.
    2. Once I've run the batch file, I don't have a .TRIGGERcmdData folder under %userprofile%. The closest I've got is a wincommands.json file in the folder where the batch itself is (under Program Files for reasons).

  • @xander, the first time you run the batch file it should prompt you for your token from the Instructions page like this:

    C:\triggercmdagent>node C:\triggercmdagent\agent --console
    Daemon install: false
    No token exists.  Login to request one.
    prompt: token:

    It should also create a C:\Users\(yourUser)\.TRIGGERcmdData folder, and copy the wincommands.json file to C:\Users\(yourUser)\.TRIGGERcmdData\commands.json which is the file you should edit to add commands.

  • @russ -- Just re-ran it and the cmd window closes itself a few seconds, even tried it as Admin. The stick-pc is running Win10 Home, if that helps and the Node.js version is the Win7x32 one.

  • @xander, I don't have much info yet, but if you open a cmd window and run the batch file from there, it might give us some useful output.

    Line this:

    • Press Windows key and R
    • Type cmd, and press enter.
    • Type cd \triggercmdagent <- (or whatever folder you unzipped it to) and press enter
    • Type triggercmdagent and press enter.
    • Copy/paste the output into this forum thread.

  • C:\Program Files\TriggerCMD>node C:\Program Files\TriggerCMD\agent --console
    throw err;

    Error: Cannot find module 'C:\Program'
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:536:15)
    at Function.Module._load (module.js:466:25)
    at Function.Module.runMain (module.js:676:10)
    at startup (bootstrap_node.js:187:16)
    at bootstrap_node.js:608:3

  • @xander, awesome!!

    I see the problem. This command is failing because there's a space between Program and Files.

    node C:\Program Files\TriggerCMD\agent --console

    Please change the command in triggercmdagent.bat to this:

    node "%~dp0agent" --console

    Or just re-download the zip file. I updated it to add those quotes.

    The quotes should allow you to put this in a folder that has spaces in the name.

    Thanks for discovering this, and for your patience.

  • Workin' ... almost.

    Token entered, it now shows up on my list here on your site. Entered a new command in the commands.json but, even after allowing some time for that list to sync up, it's not showing. FWIW, the default list had three commands built into it (reboot, calc, notepad) and only two show up server-side (calc, notepad).
    Even with that, Alexa "can't find trigger command Notepad on the stick" She said she was triggering Calculator...but it never opened (and shows "0 runs" on the server). Update: eventually got Alexa to say she was running it but, like Calc, nothing did.

  • @xander, good progress.

    The reason only Calculator and Notepad show up is you're only running a foreground agent. The background agent won't work in your case because you're using the basic 32bit Windows agent. The foreground agent reads foreground commands from commands.json, and the background agent reads the background commands.

    Are you able to run the commands from the green Trigger buttons on the website?

    Do you get any output in your cmd window when you trigger a command from the website?

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