How to Trigger with single sentence?

  • Hi Russ and all members,

    I have created songs playlist, I am running it with alexa.
    I want to know how to run it with single line?

    right now i have to say two lines

    alexa open triggercmd
    run songs on computer1

    I want to play songs in one sentence.

  • administrators

    @nabeel, you should be able to say:

    Alexa, ask TRIGGERcmd to run songs on computer one

    It will work best if you make the voice field on your computer "computer one" instead of "computer1".

    Or, if computer one is your only computer or your default computer, you can just say:

    Alexa, ask TRIGGERcmd to run songs

    Also, while we're talking about using numbers in your computer's voice field, I'll tell you I've done some testing with numbered rooms, and I found that Alexa does text-to-speech like this:

    Room one
    Room 2
    Room 3
    Room for
    Room 5
    Room 6
    Room 7
    Room 9
    Room 10
    Room 11

    Those are the best words to put in the voice field for rooms, so I think you'd get similar results with computer one, computer 2, computer 3 etc.

  • Thanks for the answer.

    Is there option to change wake word for ask triggercmd ?

  • administrators

    @nabeel, there are a few ways to avoid saying TRIGGER CMD:

    • Use the "TRIGGER Command" skill instead of the TRIGGERcmd skill.
    • Use a Google Assistant shortcut like my "open sesame" example for opening my garage.
    • Use SmartThings with an Alexa "routine"
    • Use SmartThings and say, "turn on X" (where X is your virtual switch for your command).
    • Use IFTTT like you said.

    My favorite method is a Google Assistant shortcut.

  • I want learn , are they possible?
    volume up/down
    play next/previous
    and other functions in VLC or K-lite codec?

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